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Business Field

Specialty of the Company

As a company in the SB Frameworks group, we mainly undertake three types of businesses, i.e., contracting business, worker dispatching business and waste disposal business with the motto, "More accurate, sooner, with lower cost."

Efforts in Environmental Business

Starting with the disposal of packaged software and peripheral devices discharged from the warehouse of SB Frameworks, we are addressing environmental conservation issues based on the environmental policy in the environmental management system defined by SB Frameworks, aspiring to enhance the SOFTBANK brand through the environmental protection and CSR.

Furthermore, we will also firmly establish the environmental business from business point of view and make continued efforts to spiral up in environmental preservation activities.

Specified Worker Dispatching Business

We will dispatch manpower in order to support our customer's logistics as a logistics provider in the SOFTBANK group.

All of the dispatched workers are the employees of the SB Logistics Corp. Accordingly, they have specialized skills as below, which supports the realization of the customer's business plan from logistics front.

  • Achieve the linkage between installation and actual work of the IT-Lives, the warehouse management system developed in our group
  • Trained for the quality management system
  • Trained for information security (ISMS)
  • Trained for the environmental management system (EMS)
  • Develop a total logistics system

Our Business

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