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Message from CEO

The Company was established in July 2000 as a company in the SB Frameworks group.

We share the corporate philosophy with the SB Frameworks Corp. that "We will contribute to the progress of broadband society and the lifestyle of people, through supporting our business partners who pursue digital revolution from the logistics standpoint and continuing to create innovative logistics framework."

We undertake business activities for management and administration of the warehouse operated by the SB Frameworks Corp., centering on the basics of quality control that "the next process is our customer" to improve "customer satisfaction" and aiming to spiral up day by day. Specifically, we are a young entity mainly consisting of three business groups, namely contracting business, worker dispatching business and waste disposal business, with the motto, "More accurate, sooner, with lower cost."

June 1, 2009
Norimasa Sakata
President and CEO
SB Logistics Corp.

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