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Terms and Conditions

Intellectual properties such as copyrights

Unless otherwise specified in this website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") or otherwise approved in writing by the SB Logistics Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), any rights (including but not limited to intellectual properties such as patent right, utility model patent, design right and copyright) relating to this website itself and the text, photos, images, illustrations, music, video, computer programs, data and other contents (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the contents") belong to the Company or their rightful owner. Furthermore, all or part of the trademark, name, logo and other marks of the SB Logistics Corp. are the property rights of the Company and its group companies. In addition, this website includes trademarks, names, logos and other marks which are the property rights of third parties.

That the contents are inserted in this website does not mean explicitly or implicitly that the contents are licensed to users. Therefore, unless otherwise specified in this website or otherwise accepted with prior written consent of the Company, the contents shall not be copied, screened, transmitted, uploaded, distributed, altered, or diverted. Such usage restrictions do not apply when the contents are used in a way in which it is explicitly stated that the consent from the copyright owner is unnecessary from a standpoint of copyright. In such a case, however, the notice of the copyright or other intellectual properties of the Company or third parties or the name of the creator shall not be removed or altered.

Links to this website

Please link only to the top page (http://www.sblg.co.jp). Links to other pages in this website are not permitted. Please contact us from "Contact" of this website when you are interested in providing a link to this website. We will notify you as to whether a link will be permitted or not, after checking the linking website, the way of linking and other necessary information. Please refrain from providing links or using logos, etc. without the Company's permission.

In addition, even when the Company permits a link to this website, it does not mean that the Company grants any right to the linking website or the party wishing a link, that the Company assumes any responsibility for the linking website or the party wishing a link, or that the Company provides any assurance to the users of this website and other third parties for the linking website or the party wishing a link. In addition, please be forewarned that the links from websites that contain adult content, websites that include violence, defamation and content contrary to public order and morals, and websites judged by the Company as inappropriate to be linked to this website, will not be permitted or will be discontinued.

Prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited when using this website:

  1. Act that infringes on interests of a third party or the Company.
  2. Act that infringes or may infringe on properties or privacy of a third party or the Company.
  3. Act that injures the good name of or confidence in a third party or the Company.
  4. The Company shall appropriately supervise business partners to which the Company outsources all or part of handling the personal information that the Company acquires as necessary, based on a criterion for selecting business partners as well as the consignment contract.
  5. Act aimed for sales activity or for making profits or acts aimed for preparations of such acts, without the Company's permission.
  6. Act that is illegal or that is contrary to public order and morals.
  7. Act that the Company otherwise judges as inappropriate.


The Company is using best efforts to make the contents in this website as reliable as possible. However, in this highly-sophisticated information society, the expertise and information on technologies, social phenomena, laws and others are changing very quickly. Under such circumstances, the Company and the copyright owner of the contents do not give any warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, including legality, credibility, fitness for particular purpose, timeliness and perfectibility regarding this website and the contents in this website. In addition, this website and the contents will be provided on an as is basis. The Company assumes no responsibility to anyone for any damages resulting from the use of this website and the contents from whatever cause (including but not limited to direct loss, consequential loss, special damage, incidental damage and consequential damage).

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